Informed Sport

Products on the Informed Sport program go through a rigorous registration process and every batch is tested prior to release for sale for a wide variety of banned substances.

Supplement Type Program
Focus Mineral(s)
Sleep Plus Juice Recovery Formula
BCAA 7100 POWDER Amino Acid(s)
WHEY PROTEIN 100 Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Performance Collagen Gummies Collagen
Performance Nitrate Gel Energy/Carbohydrate
Performance Nitrate Bar Energy/Carbohydrate
Karbolyn Fuel Recovery Formula
NOW Sports MCT Powder Pure with Whey Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
GO Energy Bake Energy/Carbohydrate
JRJ Pure ROYAL JELLY ESSENCE Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
JOYFIL Collagen
Performance Nitrate Shot Energy/Carbohydrate
Collagen Repair Collagen
Whey Protein Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
SEIROGAN Quick C Digestive Aid/Probiotic/Prebiotic
Kick-Start Gum Energy/Carbohydrate
Spurt Energy/Carbohydrate
Whey Protein Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
SENOBIRU ENERGY GEL Energy/Carbohydrate
Reload Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Rednite Energy/Carbohydrate
Performance Collagen Shot Collagen
Grass Fed Whey Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Protocol For Life MCT Powder Pure with Whey Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
L-Glutamine Amino Acid(s)
GO Energy + Immune Gel Energy/Carbohydrate
GO Energy + Caffeine Bar Energy/Carbohydrate
GO Energy Energy/Carbohydrate
Creatine Creatine
Caffeine 200mg Energy/Carbohydrate
REGO Rapid Recovery + Recovery Formula
REGO Power Recovery Formula
Enhanced Recovery Recovery Formula
3-hydroxybutyric acid Calcium Raw Material
NOW Sports BCAA Blast Amino Acid(s)
SPO-PRO Stick Collagen
Sun Chlorella A Powder Fruit/Vegetable
AuB BASE Digestive Aid/Probiotic/Prebiotic
AstraGin Raw Material
Organic Whey Protein Powder Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Organic Egg White Protein Powder Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
O.R.S 10g Carbohydrate Lite Drink Energy/Carbohydrate
O.R.S 30g Carbohydrate Drink Energy/Carbohydrate
O.R.S Sport Hydration Tablets Electrolyte(s)
BEST Brain-Energy-STamina Recovery Formula
M.P.O Muscle Performance Optimizer Creatine
100% Whey Protein Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)