Interview with British Swimming's Performance Nutritionist Richard Chessor

COVID-19 has halted the sporting world. Games aren’t being played, training sessions aren’t happening and the staff that assists elite athletes are trying to find some sense of normalcy. In a time when athletes should be preparing their shot at Olympic gold, the athletes and staff have been left wondering what the new “normal” will be.  The Games have been postponed and most still can’t begin normal training.

The Impact of COVID-19 On Sports Dietitians

COVID-19 has affected the entire world and every industry, including the world of sports. Games aren’t being played, athletes aren’t undergoing normal training sessions and the team of people who support athletes are trying to find some sense of normalcy. This team includes the professionals who educate athletes on proper diet and nutrition: sports dietitians.

Informed Choice and Informed Sport: What is the Difference?

Informed Choice and Informed Sport are global quality assurance programs that test for banned substances and impurities within sport supplement products. While they are separate programs, they both utilize the same testing procedures and technologies. The programs’ product testing is done using ISO 17025 accredited methods. To coincide with this, both include a pre-certification product and manufacturing quality review. They also test for the same 200+ banned substances. With these numerous similarities, one may wonder “what is the difference between Informed Choice and Informed Sport?”

The Importance of Banned Substance Testing

We regularly read news stories of an athlete getting suspended due to testing positive for a banned substance. Numerous times, the athlete had taken supplements that were inadvertently contaminated. Based on our surveys and testing, 10-15% of supplements on the market may suffer from low levels of contamination. The danger of contaminated supplements affects not just athletes, but all supplement users. Many banned substances can have adverse health effects once ingested and/or could lead to death.

LGC Supplements Forum

LGC recently organized a Supplements Forum for key stakeholders and customers at the London Rowing Club. During the forum, we were able to provide details regarding the Informed Choice and Informed Sport brand updates, future white papers and more! Events such as this perfectly align with our mission of educating industry professionals on the importance supplement testing and having a reputable third-party testing and certification program.

A New Look for Informed Choice

New Informed Choice Logo


LGC and the entire Informed Choice team is proud to officially unveil the new look for our Informed Choice program. Over the past year, our team has performed heavy market research to see exactly what our customers want and need from the Informed Choice certification program. To coincide with this, we invested resources to advance testing technology and to increase our marketing presence.

STATEMENT: Protein Lab abuse of Informed-Choice logo

It has come to the attention of LGC that sports nutrition brand The Protein Lab has used the Informed-Choice logo on products that are not certified.

LGC can confirm that The Protein Lab does not have any products certified on the Informed-Choice program. Actions have been put in place by LGC to address this logo misuse, and The Protein Lab has been instructed to immediately cease retailing products wrongfully carrying the Informed-Choice logo.