REGO Rapid Recovery

Testing Information: 

Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.


Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.

Manufacturer : Science in Sport

Program:Informed-Choice, Informed-Sport

Supplement Type:Recovery Formula


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID F7213/F7214/F7215/F7216 Chocolate 31-Aug-2019 08-Aug-2017
ID F7216 Strawberry 31-Aug-2019 08-Aug-2017
ID F7219 Vanilla 31-Aug-2019 09-Aug-2017
ID F7219 Banana 31-Aug-2019 28-Sep-2017
ID F7219/F7220 Banana 31-Aug-2019 09-Aug-2017
ID F7220 Chocolate 31-Aug-2019 10-Aug-2017
ID F7233/F7235 Banana 31-Aug-2019 25-Aug-2017
ID F7236 Banana 31-Aug-2019 25-Aug-2017
ID F7236 Vanilla 31-Aug-2019 25-Aug-2017
ID F7236 Strawberry 31-Aug-2019 29-Aug-2017
ID F7243 Chocolate 31-Aug-2019 04-Sep-2017
ID F7247 Chocolate 30-Sep-2019 06-Sep-2017
ID F7247/F7248 Strawberry 30-Sep-2019 06-Sep-2017
ID F7248/F7250 Strawberry 30-Sep-2019 13-Sep-2017
ID F7257 Vanilla 30-Sep-2019 18-Sep-2017
ID F7257/F7258 Banana 30-Sep-2019 19-Sep-2017
ID F7263 Banana 30-Sep-2019 22-Sep-2017
ID F7264/F7265 Strawberry 30-Sep-2019 25-Sep-2017
ID F7265 Chocolate 30-Sep-2019 26-Sep-2017
ID F7277 Strawberry 31-Oct-2019 05-Oct-2017
ID F7277 Vanilla 31-Oct-2019 09-Oct-2017
ID F7277/F7278 Chocolate 31-Oct-2019 09-Oct-2017
ID F7285/F7286 Chocolate 31-Oct-2019 16-Oct-2017
ID F7291/F7292 Banana 31-Oct-2019 20-Oct-2017
ID F7292 Vanilla 31-Oct-2019 20-Oct-2017
ID F7292 Strawberry 31-Oct-2019 23-Oct-2017
ID F7292/F7293 Chocolate 31-Oct-2019 23-Oct-2017
ID F7306/F7307 Banana 30-Nov-2019 06-Nov-2017
ID F7307 Strawberry 30-Nov-2019 07-Nov-2017
ID F7307/F7308 Chocolate 30-Nov-2019 07-Nov-2017
ID F7314/F7315 Chocolate 30-Nov-2019 14-Nov-2017
ID F7320/F7321 Strawberry 30-Nov-2019 20-Nov-2017
ID F7321 Vanilla 30-Nov-2019 20-Nov-2017
ID F7321 Chocolate 30-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2017
ID F7321 Chocolate Orange 30-Nov-2019 21-Nov-2017
ID F7334 Banana 30-Nov-2019 01-Dec-2017
ID F7334 Chocolate 30-Nov-2019 01-Dec-2017
ID F7346/F7347 Chocolate 31-Dec-2019 14-Dec-2017
ID F7347 Strawberry 31-Dec-2019 15-Dec-2017
ID F7347/F7348 Vanilla 31-Dec-2019 15-Dec-2017
ID F7348 Chocolate 31-Dec-2019 15-Dec-2017
ID F7355 Banana 31-Dec-2019 28-Dec-2017
ID F8010 Strawberry 31-Jan-2020 11-Jan-2018
ID F8010/F8011 Chocolate 31-Jan-2020 12-Jan-2018
ID F8011 Vanilla 31-Jan-2020 12-Jan-2018
ID F8011 Banana 31-Jan-2020 15-Jan-2018
ID F8021/F8022 Strawberry 31-Jan-2020 26-Jan-2018
ID F8027/F8029/F8030/F8031/F8033 Chocolate 29-Feb-2020 05-Feb-2018
ID F8027/F8033 Strawberry 29-Feb-2020 05-Feb-2018
ID F8033 Vanilla 29-Feb-2020 05-Feb-2018
ID F8046/F8047 Chocolate 29-Feb-2020 19-Feb-2018
ID F8047/F8048 Strawberry 29-Feb-2020 19-Feb-2018
ID F8048 Vanilla 29-Feb-2020 19-Feb-2018
ID F8048 Banana 29-Feb-2020 19-Feb-2018
ID F8050/F8051/F8052 Banana 29-Feb-2020 22-Feb-2018
ID F8051/F8052 Strawberry 29-Feb-2020 23-Feb-2018
ID F8052/F8053 Vanilla 29-Feb-2020 23-Feb-2018
ID F8053/F8054 Chocolate 29-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2018
ID F8054 Chocolate Orange 29-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2018
ID F8066/F8069/F8071 Strawberry 31-Mar-2020 13-Mar-2018
ID F8067/F8072/F8073 Strawberry 31-Mar-2020 15-Mar-2018
ID F8073/F8074/F8075 Chocolate 31-Mar-2020 19-Mar-2018
ID F8074/F8075 Vanilla 31-Mar-2020 19-Mar-2018
ID F8075/F8076 Banana 31-Mar-2020 20-Mar-2018
ID F8077/F8078/F8088 Banana 31-Mar-2020 04-Apr-2018
ID F8081/F8082 Chocolate 31-Mar-2020 26-Mar-2018
ID F8082/F8083 Strawberry 31-Mar-2020 27-Mar-2018
ID F8083 Vanilla 31-Mar-2020 27-Mar-2018
ID F8087 Strawberry 31-Mar-2020 04-Apr-2018
ID F8088 Vanilla 31-Mar-2020 03-Apr-2018
ID F8088 Chocolate 31-Mar-2020 03-Apr-2018
ID F8094 Chocolate Orange 30-Apr-2020 06-Apr-2018
ID F8094/F8095 Chocolate 30-Apr-2020 06-Apr-2018
ID F8108/F8109 Strawberry 30-Apr-2020 23-Apr-2018
ID F8109/F8110 Chocolate 30-Apr-2020 23-Apr-2018
ID F8110 Banana 30-Apr-2020 24-Apr-2018
ID F8114/F8115 Chocolate 30-Apr-2020 26-Apr-2018
ID F8115 Vanilla 30-Apr-2020 26-Apr-2018
ID F8115 Strawberry 30-Apr-2020 27-Apr-2018
ID F8122 Strawberry 31-May-2020 04-May-2018
ID F8122/F8123 Chocolate 31-May-2020 08-May-2018
ID F8123/F8124 Banana 31-May-2020 09-May-2018
ID F8124/F8128 Vanilla 31-May-2020 09-May-2018
ID F8135/F8136 Vanilla 31-May-2020 17-May-2018
ID F8135/F8136/F8137 Strawberry 31-May-2020 18-May-2018
ID F8136/F8137 Banana 31-May-2020 18-May-2018
ID F8136/F8137/F8138 Chocolate 31-May-2020 21-May-2018
ID F8150 Strawberry 31-May-2020 01-Jun-2018
ID F8150/F8151 Chocolate 31-May-2020 04-Jun-2018
ID F8151/F8152 Vanilla 30-Jun-2020 05-Jun-2018
ID F8155 Banana 30-Jun-2020 05-Jun-2018
ID F8155 Strawberry 30-Jun-2020 06-Jun-2018
ID F8155/F8156 Chocolate 30-Jun-2020 06-Jun-2018
ID F8156 Chocolate Orange 30-Jun-2020 06-Jun-2018
ID F8156 Banana 30-Jun-2020 07-Jun-2018
ID F8157 Chocolate 30-Jun-2020 11-Jun-2018
ID F8166 Chocolate 30-Jun-2020 19-Jun-2018
ID F8166/F8167 Strawberry 30-Jun-2020 19-Jun-2018
ID F8171 Chocolate 30-Jun-2020 21-Jun-2018
ID F8171/F8172 Vanilla 30-Jun-2020 22-Jun-2018
ID F8172 Strawberry 30-Jun-2020 09-Aug-2018
ID F8172/F8173 Banana 30-Jun-2020 26-Jun-2018
ID F8176/F8177 Strawberry 30-Jun-2020 27-Jun-2018
ID F8177/F8178 Chocolate 30-Jun-2020 28-Jun-2018
ID F8178/F8179 Banana 30-Jun-2020 29-Jun-2018
ID F8190/F8191 Chocolate 31-Jul-2020 11-Jul-2018
ID F8192 Strawberry 31-Jul-2020 13-Jul-2018
ID F8192/F8193 Chocolate 31-Jul-2020 16-Jul-2018
ID F8193 Vanilla 31-Jul-2020 16-Jul-2018
ID F8196/F8197 Strawberry 31-Jul-2020 18-Jul-2018
ID F8204/F8205 Banana 31-Jul-2020 25-Jul-2018
ID F8205 Chocolate 31-Jul-2020 26-Jul-2018
ID F8207/F8208 Banana 31-Jul-2020 30-Jul-2018
ID F8208 Strawberry 31-Jul-2020 30-Jul-2018
ID F8221 Vanilla 31-Aug-2020 10-Aug-2018
ID F8222 Strawberry 31-Aug-2020 13-Aug-2018
ID F8222/F8225/F8226 Chocolate 31-Aug-2020 15-Aug-2018
ID F8225 Vanilla 31-Aug-2020 14-Aug-2018
ID F8228 Vanilla 31-Aug-2020 20-Aug-2018
ID F8236 Strawberry 31-Aug-2020 29-Aug-2018
ID F8236/ F8237 / F8241 Chocolate 31-Aug-2020 30-Aug-2018
ID F8240 / F8241 Banana 31-Aug-2020 30-Aug-2018
ID F8241 Strawberry 31-Aug-2020 30-Aug-2018
ID F8242 / F8243 Chocolate 31-Aug-2020 03-Sep-2018
ID F8246/F8247 Strawberry 30-Sep-2020 06-Sep-2018
ID F8247 Chocolate 30-Sep-2020 06-Sep-2018
ID F8247/F8248 Chocolate Orange 30-Sep-2020 06-Sep-2018
ID F8248 Vanilla 30-Sep-2020 07-Sep-2018
ID F8248 Strawberry 30-Sep-2020 07-Sep-2018
ID F8249 Banana 30-Sep-2020 10-Sep-2018
ID F8253 / F8254 Chocolate 30-Sep-2020 12-Sep-2018
ID F8254 Banana 30-Sep-2020 13-Sep-2018
ID F8254/F8255 Vanilla 30-Sep-2020 13-Sep-2018
ID F8261/F8262 Vanilla 30-Sep-2020 20-Sep-2018
ID F8262 Banana 30-Sep-2020 20-Sep-2018
ID F8262 Chocolate 30-Sep-2020 21-Sep-2018
ID F8263 Chocolate 30-Sep-2020 01-Oct-2018
ID F8263/F8262 Strawberry 30-Sep-2020 21-Sep-2018
ID F8268 Banana 30-Sep-2020 27-Sep-2018
ID F8268/F8269/F8270 Chocolate 30-Sep-2020 01-Oct-2018
ID F8269/F8270 Strawberry 30-Sep-2020 28-Sep-2018
ID F8284 Strawberry 31-Oct-2020 12-Oct-2018
ID F8284 Chocolate 31-Oct-2020 15-Oct-2018
ID F8284/F8285 Vanilla 31-Oct-2020 15-Oct-2018
ID F8289 Banana 31-Oct-2020 17-Oct-2018
ID F8290/F8291 Chocolate 31-Oct-2020 22-Oct-2018
ID F8291/F8292/F8297/F8298 Strawberry 31-Oct-2020 26-Oct-2018
ID F8296 Banana 31-Oct-2020 24-Oct-2018
ID F8296 Vanilla 31-Oct-2020 25-Oct-2018
ID F8297 Chocolate 31-Oct-2020 26-Oct-2018
ID F8297 Chocolate Orange 31-Oct-2020 26-Oct-2018
ID F8297/F8298 Banana 31-Oct-2020 26-Oct-2018
ID F8317 Strawberry 30-Nov-2020 15-Nov-2018
ID F8327 Vanilla 30-Nov-2020 26-Nov-2018
ID F8332 Strawberry 30-Nov-2020 30-Nov-2018
ID F8333/F8332 Chocolate 30-Nov-2020 03-Dec-2018
ID F8339/F8341 Chocolate 31-Dec-2020 10-Dec-2018
ID F8340/F8341 Vanilla 31-Dec-2020 10-Dec-2018
ID F8346 Strawberry 31-Dec-2020 14-Dec-2018
ID F8346 Banana 31-Dec-2020 14-Dec-2018
ID F8347 Vanilla 31-Dec-2020 14-Dec-2018
ID F8352/F8353 Banana 31-Dec-2020 20-Dec-2018
ID F8352/F8353 Chocolate 31-Dec-2020 20-Dec-2018
ID F9010/F9011 Strawberry 31-Jan-2021 14-Jan-2019
ID F9011 Chocolate 31-Jan-2021 14-Jan-2019
ID F9015 Vanilla 31-Jan-2021 17-Jan-2019
ID F9015/F9016 Strawberry 31-Jan-2021 17-Jan-2019
ID F9016 Chocolate 31-Jan-2021 21-Jan-2019
ID F9025 Banana 31-Jan-2021 28-Jan-2019
ID F9025 Strawberry 31-Jan-2021 28-Jan-2019
ID F9025 Chocolate 31-Jan-2021 29-Jan-2019
ID F9036 Strawberry 28-Feb-2021 06-Feb-2019
ID F9037 Vanilla 28-Feb-2021 08-Feb-2019
ID F9042 Vanilla 28-Feb-2021 12-Feb-2019
ID F9042/F9043 Strawberry 28-Feb-2021 13-Feb-2019
ID F9043/F9044 Banana 28-Feb-2021 14-Feb-2019
ID F9044/F9045 Chocolate 28-Feb-2021 15-Feb-2019
ID F9045 Vanilla 28-Feb-2021 18-Feb-2019
ID F9050 Banana 28-Feb-2021 20-Feb-2019
ID F9057 Chocolate 28-Feb-2021 27-Feb-2019
ID F9057 Vanilla 28-Feb-2021 27-Feb-2019
ID F9064/F9065 Strawberry 31-May-2021 08-Mar-2019
ID F9065 Banana 31-May-2021 08-Mar-2019
ID F9066 Chocolate 31-Mar-2021 12-Mar-2019
ID F9072 Chocolate 31-Mar-2021 15-Mar-2019
ID F9072 Vanilla 31-Mar-2021 15-Mar-2019
ID F9072 Strawberry 31-Mar-2021 15-Mar-2019
ID F9078 Chocolate 31-Mar-2021 20-Mar-2019
ID F9078/F9079 Banana 31-Mar-2021 21-Mar-2019
ID F9080 Strawberry 31-Mar-2021 25-Mar-2019
ID F9080/F9081 Vanilla 31-Mar-2021 25-Mar-2019
ID F9087 Chocolate 31-Mar-2021 29-Mar-2019
ID F9092/F9093 Banana 30-Apr-2021 05-Apr-2019
ID F9093 Strawberry 30-Apr-2021 05-Apr-2019
ID F9093/F9094 Chocolate 30-Apr-2021 08-Apr-2019
ID F9100 Banana 30-Apr-2021 12-Apr-2019
ID F9100/F9101/F9102/F9104/F9105/F9106 Strawberry 30-Apr-2021 17-Apr-2019
ID F9101/F9102/F9106 Chocolate 30-Apr-2021 18-Apr-2019
ID F9105 Chocolate Orange 30-Apr-2021 16-Apr-2019
ID F9105/F9106 Vanilla 30-Apr-2021 17-Apr-2019
ID F9114 Vanilla 30-Apr-2021 25-Apr-2019
ID F9114 Banana 30-Apr-2021 26-Apr-2019
ID F9114/F9115 Strawberry 30-Apr-2021 26-Apr-2019
ID F9115/F9116 Chocolate 30-Apr-2021 29-Apr-2019
ID F9120 Strawberry 30-Apr-2021 02-May-2019
ID F9120 Banana 30-Apr-2021 02-May-2019
ID F9120 Vanilla 30-Apr-2021 02-May-2019
ID F9120/F9121/F9122 Chocolate 31-May-2021 07-May-2019
ID F9122 Chocolate Orange 31-May-2021 07-May-2019
ID F9122/F9123 Banana 31-May-2021 07-May-2019
ID F9123 Strawberry 31-May-2021 07-May-2019
ID F9123 Vanilla 31-May-2021 07-May-2019
ID F9129 Chocolate 31-May-2021 13-May-2019
ID F9129/F9130 Strawberry 31-May-2021 13-May-2019
ID F9135/F9136 Vanilla 31-May-2021 17-May-2019
ID F9136 Banana 31-May-2021 20-May-2019
ID F9136/F9137 Strawberry 31-May-2021 20-May-2019
ID F9137/F9142/F9143 Chocolate 31-May-2021 24-May-2019
ID F9141 Banana 31-May-2021 23-May-2019
ID F9141/F9142 Strawberry 31-May-2021 24-May-2019
ID F9142 Vanilla 31-May-2021 23-May-2019
ID F9144 Chocolate 31-May-2021 31-May-2019
ID F9148/F9149 Vanilla 31-May-2021 30-May-2019
ID F9149/F9150 Strawberry 31-May-2021 31-May-2019
ID F9154/F9155 Strawberry 30-Jun-2021 07-Jun-2019
ID F9163 Strawberry 30-Jun-2021 14-Jun-2019
ID F9163/F9164 Vanilla 30-Jun-2021 14-Jun-2019
ID F9164 Banana 30-Jun-2021 14-Jun-2019
ID F9164 Chocolate Orange 30-Jun-2021 14-Jun-2019
ID F9164 Chocolate 30-Jun-2021 14-Jun-2019
ID F9169/F9170 Strawberry 30-Jun-2021 21-Jun-2019
ID F9171 Chocolate 30-Jun-2021 21-Jun-2019
ID F9175/F9176/F9177 Strawberry 30-Jun-2021 27-Jun-2019
ID F9177 Vanilla 30-Jun-2021 28-Jun-2019
ID F9178/F9179 Chocolate 30-Jun-2021 02-Jul-2019
ID F9184 Strawberry 31-Jul-2021 04-Jul-2019
ID F9184 Vanilla 31-Jul-2021 05-Jul-2019
ID F9184/F9185 Chocolate 31-Jul-2021 05-Jul-2019
ID F9184/F9185 Strawberry 31-Jul-2021 05-Jul-2019
ID F9185/F9186 Chocolate 31-Jul-2021 09-Jul-2019
ID F9192 Strawberry 31-Jul-2021 16-Jul-2019
ID F9192/F9193 Chocolate Orange 31-Jul-2021 16-Jul-2019
ID F9193/F9194 Chocolate 31-Jul-2021 16-Jul-2019
ID F9196/F9197/F9198 Vanilla 31-Jul-2021 18-Jul-2019
ID F9198 Strawberry 31-Jul-2021 18-Jul-2019
ID F9206 Strawberry 31-Jul-2021 29-Jul-2019
ID F9206 Vanilla 31-Jul-2021 29-Jul-2019
ID F9206/F9207/F9208 Chocolate 31-Jul-2021 30-Jul-2019
ID F9211/F9212/F9213 Banana 08-Jan-2021 02-Aug-2019
ID F9217/F9219 Strawberry 31-Aug-2021 08-Aug-2019
ID F9218/F9219 Chocolate 31-Aug-2021 09-Aug-2019
ID FF8218/F8219/F8220/F8221 Strawberry 31-Aug-2020 10-Aug-2018