GO Energy Bar

Testing Information: 

Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.


Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.

Manufacturer : Science in Sport

Program:Informed Choice, Informed Sport

Supplement Type:Energy/Carbohydrate


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
9308 Banana Fudge 28-Feb-2021 15-Nov-2019
9308 Chocolate Fudge 28-Feb-2021 12-Nov-2019
F0007/F0008 Blueberry 30-Apr-2021 22-Jan-2020
F0014/F0015 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Apr-2021 04-Feb-2020
F0015/F0016 Blueberry 30-Apr-2021 30-Jan-2020
F0019/F0020 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Apr-2021 27-Jan-2020
F0020/F0021 Banana Fudge 30-Apr-2021 03-Feb-2020
F0021 Chocolate Fudge 30-Apr-2021 05-Feb-2020
F0021/F0022 Red Berry 30-Apr-2021 05-Feb-2020
F0027/F0028/F0029 Blueberry 30-Apr-2021 12-Feb-2020
F0034/F0035 Banana Fudge 31-May-2021 18-Feb-2020
F0035 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-2021 18-Feb-2020
F0037 Red Berry 31-May-2021 25-Feb-2020
F0037 Blueberry 31-May-2021 20-Feb-2020
F0044 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-May-2021 27-Feb-2020
F0044/F0045 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-2021 21-Feb-2020
F0047/F0048 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-May-2021 21-Feb-2020
F9308 Apple & Blackcurrant 28-Feb-2021 15-Nov-2019
F9308/F9309 Blueberry 28-Feb-2021 12-Nov-2019
F9309 Red Berry 28-Feb-2021 15-Nov-2019
F9344/F9345 Blueberry 31-Mar-2021 19-Dec-2019
F9353/F9354 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Mar-2021 13-Jan-2020
F9354 Banana Fudge 31-Mar-2021 08-Jan-2020
F9354 Chocolate Fudge 31-Mar-2021 08-Jan-2020
ID F8305 Chocolate Fudge 29-Feb-2020 05-Nov-2018
ID F8306 Blueberry 29-Feb-2020 05-Nov-2018
ID F8306 Red Berry 29-Feb-2020 05-Nov-2018
ID F8309 Apple & Blackcurrant 29-Feb-2020 07-Nov-2018
ID F8309 Banana Fudge 29-Feb-2020 07-Nov-2018
ID F8309/F8310 Chocolate Fudge 29-Feb-2020 07-Nov-2018
ID F8310 Red Berry 29-Feb-2020 07-Nov-2018
ID F8310 Blueberry 29-Feb-2020 08-Nov-2018
ID F8330 Red Berry 29-Feb-2020 28-Nov-2018
ID F8330 Banana Fudge 29-Feb-2020 28-Nov-2018
ID F8330 Apple & Blackcurrant 29-Feb-2020 27-Nov-2018
ID F8331 Chocolate Fudge 29-Feb-2020 29-Nov-2018
ID F8337 Red Berry 31-Mar-2020 04-Dec-2018
ID F8337 Chocolate Fudge 31-Mar-2020 04-Dec-2018
ID F8337 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Mar-2020 04-Dec-2018
ID F8338 Chocolate Fudge 31-Mar-2020 05-Dec-2018
ID F8344 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Mar-2020 11-Dec-2018
ID F9006/F9007 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Apr-2020 08-Jan-2019
ID F9007 Banana Fudge 30-Apr-2021 16-Jan-2019
ID F9007/F9008 Chocolate Fudge 30-Apr-2021 16-Jan-2019
ID F9008 Red Berry 30-Apr-2020 10-Jan-2019
ID F9008/F9009 Blueberry 30-Apr-2020 10-Jan-2019
ID F9017 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Apr-2020 18-Jan-2019
ID F9017 Chocolate Fudge 30-Apr-2020 21-Jan-2019
ID F9017/F9018 Blueberry 30-Apr-2020 21-Jan-2019
ID F9018 Red Berry 30-Apr-2020 21-Jan-2019
ID F9021 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Apr-2020 23-Jan-2019
ID F9021/F9022 Banana Fudge 30-Apr-2020 23-Jan-2019
ID F9022 Chocolate Fudge 30-Apr-2020 24-Jan-2019
ID F9022/F9023 Red Berry 30-Apr-2020 24-Jan-2019
ID F9042 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-2020 13-Feb-2019
ID F9042 Blueberry 31-May-2020 13-Feb-2019
ID F9043 Red Berry 31-May-2020 13-Feb-2019
ID F9051 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-May-2020 22-Feb-2019
ID F9051/F9052 Banana Fudge 31-May-2020 25-Feb-2019
ID F9052 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-2020 25-Feb-2019
ID F9053 Blueberry 31-May-2020 25-Feb-2019
ID F9053 Red Berry 31-May-2020 25-Feb-2019
ID F9058 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-May-2020 01-Mar-2019
ID F9058/F9059 Banana Fudge 31-May-2020 01-Mar-2019
ID F9059 Red Berry 31-May-2020 04-Mar-2019
ID F9059 Chocolate Fudge 31-May-2020 01-Mar-2019
ID F9069/F9070 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Jun-2020 12-Mar-2019
ID F9070 Banana Fudge 30-Jun-2020 12-Mar-2019
ID F9070/F9071 Chocolate Fudge 30-Jun-2020 13-Mar-2019
ID F9071 Red Berry 30-Jun-2020 13-Mar-2019
ID F9071 Blueberry 30-Jun-2020 14-Mar-2019
ID F9083/F9084 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Jun-2020 27-Mar-2019
ID F9084/F9085 Banana Fudge 30-Jun-2020 27-Mar-2019
ID F9085/F9086 Chocolate Fudge 30-Jun-2020 29-Mar-2019
ID F9086 Red Berry 30-Jun-2020 29-Mar-2019
ID F9086/F9087 Blueberry 30-Jun-2020 29-Mar-2019
ID F9098/F9099 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Jul-2020 11-Apr-2019
ID F9099 Banana Fudge 31-Jul-2020 11-Apr-2019
ID F9100 Chocolate Fudge 31-Jul-2020 11-Apr-2019
ID F9100/F9101 Red Berry 31-Jul-2020 12-Apr-2019
ID F9101 Blueberry 31-Jul-2020 15-Apr-2019
ID F9113 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Jul-2020 24-Apr-2019
ID F9113/F9114 Banana Fudge 31-Jul-2020 26-Apr-2019
ID F9114/F9115 Chocolate Fudge 31-Jul-2020 29-Apr-2019
ID F9115/F9116 Blueberry 31-Jul-2020 29-Apr-2019
ID F9116 Red Berry 31-Jul-2020 30-Apr-2019
ID F9135 Blueberry 31-Aug-2020 17-May-2019
ID F9135 Chocolate Fudge 31-Aug-2020 16-May-2019
ID F9135/F9136 Red Berry 31-Aug-2020 17-May-2019
ID F9142 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Aug-2020 24-May-2019
ID F9142 Banana Fudge 31-Aug-2020 24-May-2019
ID F9142/F9143 Chocolate Fudge 31-Aug-2020 24-May-2019
ID F9143 Blueberry 31-Aug-2020 28-May-2019
ID F9143/F9144 Red Berry 31-Aug-2020 28-May-2019
ID F9155/F9156 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Sep-2020 07-Jun-2019
ID F9156/F9157 Banana Fudge 30-Sep-2020 07-Jun-2019
ID F9157/F9158/F9161 Chocolate Fudge 30-Sep-2020 14-Jun-2019
ID F9158/F9159 Red Berry 30-Sep-2020 11-Jun-2019
ID F9161 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Sep-2020 11-Jun-2019
ID F9162 Banana Fudge 30-Sep-2020 19-Jun-2019
ID F9162/F9163 Red Berry 30-Sep-2020 13-Jun-2019
ID F9163/F9164 Blueberry 30-Sep-2020 14-Jun-2019
ID F9165 Blueberry 30-Sep-2020 27-Jun-2019
ID F9168 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Sep-2020 19-Jun-2019
ID F9168 Chocolate Fudge 30-Sep-2020 19-Jun-2019
ID F9168/F9169/F9170 Red Berry 30-Sep-2020 20-Jun-2019
ID F9170/F9171 Blueberry 30-Sep-2020 21-Jun-2019
ID F9171/F9172 Chocolate Fudge 30-Sep-2020 26-Jun-2019
ID F9182/F9183 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Oct-2020 03-Jul-2019
ID F9183/F9184 Banana Fudge 31-Oct-2020 04-Jul-2019
ID F9184 Chocolate Fudge 31-Oct-2020 04-Jul-2019
ID F9184 Blueberry 31-Oct-2020 04-Jul-2019
ID F9186/F9187 Blueberry 31-Oct-2020 09-Jul-2019
ID F9188/F9189/F9190/F9191 Chocolate Fudge 31-Oct-2020 11-Jul-2019
ID F9191/F9192 Banana Fudge 31-Oct-2020 12-Jul-2019
ID F9197 Chocolate Fudge 31-Oct-2020 18-Jul-2019
ID F9197 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Oct-2020 17-Jul-2019
ID F9197/F9198/F9199 Banana Fudge 31-Oct-2020 19-Jul-2019
ID F9199 Blueberry 31-Oct-2020 22-Jul-2019
ID F9205/F9206 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Oct-2020 29-Jul-2019
ID F9207 Red Berry 31-Oct-2020 30-Jul-2019
ID F9207 Chocolate Fudge 31-Oct-2020 30-Jul-2019
ID F9220 Banana Fudge 30-Nov-2020 12-Aug-2019
ID F9220/F9221 Red Berry 30-Nov-2020 12-Aug-2019
ID F9221 Chocolate Fudge 30-Nov-2020 12-Aug-2019
ID F9225/F9226 Apple & Blackcurrant 30-Nov-2020 15-Aug-2019
ID F9226/F9227 Chocolate Fudge 30-Nov-2020 16-Aug-2019
ID F9227 Blueberry 30-Nov-2020 19-Aug-2019
ID F9227/F9228 Red Berry 30-Nov-2020 19-Aug-2019
ID F9246 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Dec-2020 05-Sep-2019
ID F9246/F9247 Chocolate Fudge 31-Dec-2020 05-Sep-2019
ID F9247 Blueberry 31-Dec-2020 05-Sep-2019
ID F9247/F9248 Banana Fudge 31-Dec-2020 09-Sep-2019
ID F9252 Chocolate Fudge 31-Dec-2020 11-Sep-2019
ID F9252 Banana Fudge 31-Dec-2020 10-Sep-2019
ID F9260/F9261 Chocolate Fudge 31-Dec-2020 20-Sep-2019
ID F9261 Blueberry 31-Dec-2020 20-Sep-2019
ID F9269 Red Berry 31-Dec-2020 30-Sep-2019
ID F9269 Banana Fudge 31-Dec-2020 30-Sep-2019
ID F9279 Apple & Blackcurrant 31-Jan-2021 08-Oct-2019
ID F9279/F9280 Banana Fudge 31-Jan-2021 09-Oct-2019
ID F9280 Chocolate Fudge 31-Jan-2021 09-Oct-2019
ID F9280/F9281 Blueberry 31-Jan-2021 09-Oct-2019
ID F9281 Red Berry 31-Jan-2021 09-Oct-2019
ID F9293/F9294 Banana Fudge 31-Jan-2021 23-Oct-2019
ID F9294 Red Berry 31-Jan-2021 23-Oct-2019
ID F9294 Chocolate Fudge 31-Jan-2021 23-Oct-2019