Informed Choice

Products on the Informed Choice program go through a rigorous registration process and are tested on a monthly basis for a wide variety of banned substances.

Supplement Type Program
NOW Sports Kre-Alkalyn Creatine Creatine
WHEY Power Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Whey Protein Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
UP PREFORM Energy/Carbohydrate
UP FREEFORM Amino Acid(s)
Reon Energise Energy/Carbohydrate
Reon Revive Energy/Carbohydrate
Pro20 Biotic Digestive Aid/Probiotic/Prebiotic
Natural Flavour Drops Fruit/Vegetable
GNC AMP Ultra Nox Energy/Carbohydrate
Performance Inspired Plant-Based Protein(s) (Plant-Based/Vegan)
AMP Myopower Dextrose Amino Acid(s)
Soy Protein Protein(s) (Plant-Based/Vegan)
Whey Protein Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
AMP Gold Series Amino Energized Amino Acid(s)
MP Stealth Mass Gainer Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
SR Carnosyn Tablets Amino Acid(s)
Pro Performance Essential Amino Complete + Energy Amino Acid(s)
Essential Plant Protein Protein(s) (Plant-Based/Vegan)
NOW Sports Branched Chain Amino Acids Caps Amino Acid(s)
NOW Sports L-Glutamine Capsules Amino Acid(s)
NOW Sports D-Ribose Capsules Vitamin(s)
HydraMag Mineral(s)
Challenge by GNC 100% Whey Advanced Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Pro Series Protein Shake Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Vega Sport Recovery (USA) Electrolyte(s)
PVL Isolated CLA 1250
ON Gold Standard Isolate (USA) Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Amino Synergy; Amino Synergy +Caffeine Amino Acid(s)
Athlon Rub Topical
GPS Rebuild (KR) Recovery Formula
GPS Supply (KR) Vitamin(s)
GPS Enogy (KR) Vitamin(s)
GPS Adapt (KR) Energy/Carbohydrate
NOW Sports Beet Root Powder Fruit/Vegetable
100 Calorie Protein Shake Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Vega Sport Protein (USA) Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Vega Sport Premium Protein (USA) Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Vega Sport Premium Energizer (USA) Energy/Carbohydrate
Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer (USA) Energy/Carbohydrate
Vega Sport Energizer (USA) Energy/Carbohydrate
Protocol for Life Pea Protein Protein(s) (Plant-Based/Vegan)
Protocol for Life Whey Protein Isolate Protein(s) (Milk/Animal-Based)
Dr. Senobiru Amino Acid(s)
NOW Sports Beta-Alanine Powder Amino Acid(s)
NOW Sports Arginine & Citrulline Powder Amino Acid(s)
Challenge by GNC Energized Amino Amino Acid(s)
Challenge by GNC Pre-Workout Intensity Energy/Carbohydrate
Challenge by GNC BCAA Complete Recovery Formula
AMP Hyper Ripped Energy/Carbohydrate