Nutrition X

About Nutrition X

The number 1 choice in sports nutrition

Nutrition X was re-branded in 2014 to support athlete performance, by delivering science led education and a range of quality tested sports nutrition products to improve nutritional wellbeing. Nutrition X has fast become the number one choice of sports nutrition for a number of elite athletes and professional sports teams.

The brand is recognised for its outstanding quality assurance, first-class customer service, and safety through the Informed-Sport accreditation programme. Education, trust, quality and performance are the core values that make up the Nutrition X DNA.

The Informed-Sport certified product range is researched and continuously developed by an expert team of world-leading sports nutritionists. Their knowledge and expertise enables Nutrition X to manufacture products that are scientifically formulated to support athletic performance.



Your nutrition partner

Nutrition X are proud to be the Official Sports Nutrition Partner to a number of professional sports teams and elite athletes. The Informed-Sport certified Nutrition X products are currently used by athletes from a diverse range of sporting disciplines. Teams from the Barclays Premier League, the Aviva Premiership, Super League Rugby, and County Cricket use Nutrition X products, as well as a number of Team GB athletes. Nutrition X also operate a hugely successful NX Clubs Programme across the UK.

More than just a product

The Nutrition X ethos is not just to provide an exceptional product range, but exist to offer customers access to over 54 years of combined experience gained within the sports nutrition sector. Through their vast level of knowledge and expertise, the highly regarded expert team are able to complement and develop your sports nutrition strategy, from delivering celebrated food-first approach diet plans, to educational talks and presentations.

Going the extra mile

Nutrition X is a customer led brand, committed to providing an exemplary level of service. The Nutrition X product will not only help you achieve your personal best - quite literally supporting you to achieve that extra mile - but the team promise to be flexible in their approach and are dedicated in delivering an added value experience throughout the customer journey.

Nutrition X is a multichannel brand, selling direct as well as through their ecommerce platform which ships to over 23 countries worldwide. The expert team offers personal and team nutritional consultations, and the website provides an unlimited bank of resources from strength and conditioning programmes to diet and nutrition advice, all aimed to support athletic performance.


Trust, confidence and quality assurance

Nutrition X products are manufactured in an ISO 22000 certified facility which guarantees stringent attention to quality, safety and hygiene. They are members of the European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance, who support independent scientific research into sport nutrition and issues relating to quality and safety.

As a further testament to the Nutrition X commitment to providing the highest level of reassurance is their registered on the prestigious Informed-Sport programme, which provides assurance that products have been tested for substances listed on the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances and are safer for athletes to use. Nutrition X tests all batches of its products at the Laboratory of Government Chemist’s (LGC) internationally recognised anti-doping laboratory.


 “We feel we’ve really enforced our brand over the past 12 months, and come to understand ourselves and our purpose as a company a lot better. I’m incredibly proud to have a great team of experts and colleagues behind Nutrition X, who are here to support, educate and aid our athletes in achieving their performance goals”

- James Markey, Managing Director