Be Recharged


Manufacturer : Be

Program:Informed Choice

Supplement Type:Amino Acid(s)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID 34718 Citrus 31-May-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 34719 Mixed Berry 31-May-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 35379 Citrus 31-Aug-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 36107 Citrus 30-Nov-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 36108 Mixed Berry 30-Nov-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 36903 Mixed Berry 28-Feb-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 36906 Citrus 28-Feb-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37210 Mixed Berry 28-Feb-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37477 Citrus 31-Mar-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37805 Citrus 30-Apr-2022 26-Sep-2019
ID 37989 Mixed Berry 31-May-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 38000 Citrus 31-May-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 38274 Mixed Berry 31-Aug-2022 26-Sep-2019