Be Focused


Manufacturer : Be

Program:Informed Choice

Supplement Type:Energy/Carbohydrate


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
39299 Mixed Berry 31-Oct-2022 11-Dec-2019
39445 Citrus 30-Nov-2022 08-Jan-2020
39531 Mixed Berry 30-Nov-2022 30-Jan-2020
39763 Citrus 31-Dec-2022 25-Feb-2020
40020 Citrus 31-Jan-2023 19-Mar-2020
40265 Berry 28-Feb-2023 17-Apr-2020
40438 Citrus 31-Mar-2023 28-Apr-2020
41101 Citrus 31-May-2023 19-Jun-2020
41150 Berry 31-May-2023 08-Jul-2020
41357 Citrus 30-Jun-2023 29-Jul-2020
41533 Mixed Berry 31-Jul-2023 08-Sep-2020
41573 Citrus 31-Jul-2023 08-Sep-2020
41739 Citrus 31-Aug-2023 29-Sep-2020
41794 Berry 31-Aug-2023 29-Sep-2020
ID 34584 Citrus 30-Apr-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 34585 Mixed Berry 30-Apr-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 34775 Citrus 31-May-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 34776 Mixed Berry 31-May-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 35063 Citrus 30-Jun-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 35065 Mixed Berry 30-Jun-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 35378 Citrus 31-Aug-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 35866 Citrus 31-Oct-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 35867 Mixed Berry 31-Oct-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 36146 Citrus 30-Nov-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 36147 Mixed Berry 30-Nov-2021 11-Jan-2019
ID 36894 Mixed Berry 28-Feb-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 36899 Citrus 28-Feb-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37211 Mixed Berry 28-Feb-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37378 Citrus 31-Mar-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37657 Citrus 30-Apr-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37663 Mixed Berry 30-Apr-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37890 Citrus 31-May-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37891 Mixed Berry 31-May-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 37999 Citrus 31-May-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 38120 Citrus 30-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 38197 Mixed Berry 31-Jul-2022 05-Sep-2019
ID 38319 Citrus 31-Aug-2022 26-Sep-2019
ID 38763 Mixed Berry 31-Aug-2022 09-Oct-2019
ID 38811 Citrus 30-Sep-2022 09-Oct-2019