Registration Process

Companies can apply to have finished products registered with Informed-Choice. The program allows companies to carry the Informed-Choice logo on their registered products to provide consumer and athletes alike that their product is regularly tested for substances prohibited in sport.

See below for details of the registration process. Manufacturing sites/raw material handling facilities may also be registered with Informed-Choice. See the Site Registration Process tab for more detail.

Registration of a finished product/ingredient with Informed-Choice involves 3 stages:

Stage 1: Product/Ingredient Assessment Review 

A full review of the quality systems in place at manufacturing facility is undertaken. 

  • Product/Ingredient Evaluation 
  • Raw Material (RM) Evaluation at Each Production/Packing Site 
  • Raw Material Supplier Assessment Procedures 
  • Certificate and SOP Review for all Production/Packing/Storage Areas 
  • Label Claim, Purity and Contaminant Testing Review 
  • Third Party Manufacturer (TPM) 

Stage 2: Pre-Registration Sample Testing 

Before a product/ingredient can be registered with Informed-Choice, 5 pre-registration samples of the product must be tested using LGC's prohibited substances supplement screen. These samples must not show evidence for contamination with prohibited substances.

The samples will be taken from across at least 3 production runs/batches. This testing will be carried out in parallel with the Product/Ingredient Assessment (Stage 1). Analysis time is typically 7 - 10 working days from receipt at the lab, and results will be reported to the prospective member via a Certificate of Analysis.

Stage 3: Post-Registration Requirements

Once Stages 1 and 2 are complete, and the requirements of Informed-Choice have been met, the product will be accepted for registration with Informed-Choice. A license agreement will be issued, which enables the new member company to use the Informed-Choice logo on the registered product. The registered product will be listed on the Informed-Choice website. This includes detailed information of all batches that have been tested. A link to the member company's website is also added.

Companies are able to choose from two post registration testing processes.

  • Skip Lot Testing – The skip lot testing program purchases a registered product at retail and tests it every month. The brands will then test specific batches that they will provide to drug tested teams/athletes to ensure they are receiving tested batches/lot numbers.
  • Every Batch Testing - The every batch testing program requires testing every batch/lot number of a registered product prior to release into market, along with the purchase and testing of quarterly blind samples. This program follows the same protocols as our sister program Informed-Sport