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G&G manufactures supplements in capsules. Our focus is an additive and excipient free approach. We produce in excess of 4m capsules per week, and make for many of the UKs top independent brands.


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At Progressive our Customers are our Focus

​Progressive Laboratories was founded in 1972 by a nutritionist whose goal was to provide high quality dietary supplements to healthcare practitioners and their patients.  The Progressive Labs brand of supplements are designed, formulated and produced to the exacting standards and demands of those doctors, utilizing the highest quality raw materials available from all over the world and under stringent manufacturing practices.

We have taken the knowledge in expertise gained in developing and manufacturing our own products and have applied that to Contract Manufacturing.  We apply the same philosophy in manufacturing your products as we do in manufacturing our own.


We manufacture your products in our state-of-the-art, 220,000 square foot production and warehousing facility in Irving, Texas.  We follow strict FDA cGMPs, are registered with and audited regularly by the FDA and the Texas Department of State Health Services, are 3rd Party Audited by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and Natural Products Association (NPA), and audited annually by many of our customers.

​Customer Service 

We maintain an extensive and experienced support staff from R&D to Supply Chain and Regulatory Support to assist your needs.  We can provide assistance and support from product formulation, sourcing hard to find raw materials, support for label design and printing, to product exportation support – we offer comprehensive services to bring that extra value when choosing Progressive Labs.

​Graphics/Label Printing

Not only can our In-House Graphics Department offer label design support, we can also offer support for the design of sales and marketing, as well as educational literature.  We have invested in high quality label and documents printers, which allows us to print small runs of labels and brochures in-house.

​Regulatory Support

We have staff trained and experienced in label creation and design and offer support regarding FDA requirements and restrictions.  In addition, we have experience in providing supporting documentation, hosting audits, etc. that are necessary for the export for your products overseas.

​Private Label

Creating or adding new products to your line can be a daunting task.  There are expenses associated with product development and production, all for a product that might bring value to your customers, but is difficult to which commit the resources. 

Progressive Labs offers our Private Label Program allows you to add professional quality supplements to your line without having to invest in custom productions.  We offer over 250 professional-grade supplements available in our Private Label program, starting with very low minimums.

Services Offered

  • Blending
  • Formulation
  • Two-Piece Hard Shell Encapsulation
  • Bottle Filling
  • Bag Filing
  • Regulatory/Export Support
  • Packet Filling
  • Small Run Liquid Fills
  • Label Design

Granby, QC Canada

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Our pharmaceutical grade supply chain capabilities, manufacturing and packing can produce

  • Powder products
  • Capsules products

In our laboratories, we don’t use

  • chemical sweeteners
  • magnesium stearate
  • artificial colors
  • coatings
  • hydrogenated or trans fat
  • silicone dioxide
  • titanium dioxide
  • GMO

All of our capsule products are available in vegan capsule
We only use a custom organic stevia blends as sweetener

Our manufacturing procedures exceed the industry standards for the following reasons:

  • We select the highest quality raw ingredients
  • When we receive the materials, we take a sample and immediately have it analyzed by a third-party lab
  • When we receive a compliant result, we produce our blend
  • This blend is then sampled and send for analysis
  • When the results come back compliant, we condition the finish product and then selected some of it and send them for final analysis to the third-party lab
  • When these results come back compliant, they are then released from quarantine

Las Vegas, Nevada

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American Nutritional Corporation (ANC) was first established in October 1988 by Founder and President, Adam W. Dieter.  The company is a licensed manufacturer, and has implemented and follows cGMP.   The company is AIB certified as well as Kosher through KOF-K.  Currently we are in the process of implementing ISO 9001 standards.

American Nutritional Corporation is your national source for contract manufacturing and packaging of dry powder products.  We are a private label contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements, dry powder drink mixes and encapsulated formulas.  The main goal at ANC is promoting customer satisfaction.  ANC utilizes high standards in compliance protocols, produces Kosher and Organic products, and always abide by the FDA regulations.

At ANC we know we can help our clients meet the demand of their production.  If you need a dedicated production facility or intermittent production on a single line, ANC is willing and able to meet your demands.  ANC offers our customers choices and help guide them through packaging and contract manufacturing options.

A goal owned by every ANC team member is to assure customers that they are satisfied every time they do business with us.  We set the strategic direction for how the company will continue to maintain customers at the top - from formulating and developing solutions that meet the customer requirement to delivering service and innovative new products that serve a greater customer experience.

ANC combines dedication, high quality, advance technology and experienced staff to guarantee success for all customers.  With the most up to date equipment and qualified staff, ANC will assist you in the process of producing an incredible product.  We offer a variety of services.

Please contact ANC at sales@anc-nv.com and turn your ideas into reality.


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