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Scarborough, Ontario

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(416) 292-8560

About Sonoma Nutraceuticals


Sonoma Nutraceuticals a privately held corporation that specializes in the creation, development and manufacture of Natural Health Products. We adhere to a strict set of quality control standards and operate under a federal site license issued by the Natural Health Product Directorate, the governing regulatory body for dietary and nutrition supplements in Canada.



Sonoma Nutraceuticals was founded in 2004 and today is one of Canada’s leading manufacturer of natural health products for people with active lifestyles. Our roster includes sports nutrition products, vitamin and minerals, berry and green foods supplements along with a family of organic functional foods.



Although Canada remains our home and primary market, we manufacture products for international clients as well from France, Italy, Poland and India. Our mission is to help consumer’s live longer more vibrant lives and we work closely with our partners to help ensure we accomplish that goal.



Our Products:



Sonoma Nutraceuticals product categories include protein supplements, green foods, high ORAC antioxidants, multivitamins, sports nutrition and weight management products. Our manufacturing plant utilizes only the finest raw materials and abides by the strict manufacturing guidelines to not only meet; but to exceed the expectations of our valued customers.