Granby, QC Canada

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Our pharmaceutical grade supply chain capabilities, manufacturing and packing can produce

  • Powder products
  • Capsules products

In our laboratories, we don’t use

  • chemical sweeteners
  • magnesium stearate
  • artificial colors
  • coatings
  • hydrogenated or trans fat
  • silicone dioxide
  • titanium dioxide
  • GMO

All of our capsule products are available in vegan capsule
We only use a custom organic stevia blends as sweetener

Our manufacturing procedures exceed the industry standards for the following reasons:

  • We select the highest quality raw ingredients
  • When we receive the materials, we take a sample and immediately have it analyzed by a third-party lab
  • When we receive a compliant result, we produce our blend
  • This blend is then sampled and send for analysis
  • When the results come back compliant, we condition the finish product and then selected some of it and send them for final analysis to the third-party lab
  • When these results come back compliant, they are then released from quarantine