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4Excelsior provides high quality contract manufacturing solutions for the dietary supplement and sports nutrition industry. The 78,000 square foot GMP certified facility consists of 16 humidity, temperature and air controlled ISO8 cleanrooms, a complete in-house laboratory, and fully automated machinery.



“Whether it’s looking for the next cutting-edge sports supplement to assist with an athletes on field performance, or assisting athletes in their general health and well-being, there are a number of elements that go into the design of a sports supplement. At 4Excelsior we understand the ins and outs of the sports nutrition industry.

4Excelsior’s quality manufacturing procedures have put in place processes to make sure your product is manufactured to the highest quality. Having our facility Informed-Choice certified is essential to providing supplement brands with trust in our services.



  • Milling Machine: Size Reduction of 4000 kg Daily
  • Dry Granulation:  2400 kg Daily
  • Two Blending Machines: Each with 10,000 kg Capacity, 20,000KG Capacity in total
  • Wet Granulation: 1500 kg Daily
  • Encapsulation lines: 4 lines able to run 4 milllion capsules per day
  • Tablet Line: 2 million Daily
  • Capsule Bottling Lines: 20,000 bottles daily
  • Powder Bottling Line: 10,000 bottles daily
  • Stick Pack: 20,000 boxes daily