GO Isotonic Energy Gel

Testing Information: 

Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.


Before 22-Dec-16, Science in Sport tested products on a combined raw materials, site and blind testing protocol. Science in Sport products tested after this date are on the standard finished product protocol. Test dates of 22-Dec-16 and earlier are the product manufacture date, all dates after are the product test date.

Manufacturer : Science in Sport

Program:Informed-Choice, Informed-Sport

Supplement Type:Electrolyte(s)


Batch Test

Batch ID Flavor Batch Expiration Test Date
ID F7003 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 5-Jan-17
ID F7003 / F7004 Pineapple 30-Apr-18 5-Jan-17
ID F7004 Orange 30-Apr-18 6-Jan-17
ID F7004 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 6-Jan-17
ID F7004 Tropical 30-Apr-18 5-Jan-17
ID F7006 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 11-Jan-17
ID F7006 Apple 30-Apr-18 9-Jan-17
ID F7012 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7012/F7013 Orange 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7013 Pink Grapefruit 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7013 Pineapple 30-Apr-18 16-Jan-17
ID F7023 Orange 30-Apr-18 25-Jan-17
ID F7023 Pink Grapefruit 30-Apr-18 24-Jan-17
ID F7023 Pineapple 30-Apr-18 24-Jan-17
ID F7023 Tropical 30-Apr-18 24-Jan-17
ID F7023/F7024 Apple 30-Apr-18 25-Jan-17
ID F7024 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-18 26-Jan-17
ID F7024 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-18 25-Jan-17
ID F7037 Apple 31-May-18 8-Feb-17
ID F7037/F7038 Pink Grapefruit 31-May-18 8-Feb-17
ID F7038 Blackcurrant 31-May-18 9-Feb-17
ID F7038 Pineapple 31-May-18 8-Feb-17
ID F7038/F7039 Tropical 31-May-18 9-Feb-17
ID F7039/F7040 Orange 31-May-18 10-Feb-17
ID F7040 Lemon & Lime 31-May-18 10-Feb-17
ID F7045 Orange 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7045/F7046 Apple 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7046 Pineapple 31-May-18 17-Feb-17
ID F7046 Blackcurrant 31-May-18 17-Feb-17
ID F7046 Tropical 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7046 Lemon & Lime 31-May-18 16-Feb-17
ID F7046/F7047 Pink Grapefruit 31-May-18 17-Feb-17
ID F7058/F7059 Orange 31-May-18 1-Mar-17
ID F7059 Apple 31-May-18 2-Mar-17
ID F7059/F7060 Tropical 31-May-18 2-Mar-17
ID F7060 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 3-Mar-17
ID F7065 Orange 30-Jun-18 8-Mar-17
ID F7065/F7066 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 9-Mar-17
ID F7066/F7067 Apple 30-Jun-18 9-Mar-17
ID F7067 Tropical 30-Jun-18 9-Mar-17
ID F7067 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 9-Mar-17
ID F7072 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 15-Mar-17
ID F7072 Apple 30-Jun-18 15-Mar-17
ID F7072/F7073 Tropical 30-Jun-18 15-Mar-17
ID F7073 Orange 30-Jun-18 16-Mar-17
ID F7073/F7074 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 16-Mar-17
ID F7074 Pineapple 30-Jun-18 16-Mar-17
ID F7081 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 24-Mar-17
ID F7081/F7082 Pineapple 30-Jun-18 24-Mar-17
ID F7082 Apple 30-Jun-18 28-Mar-17
ID F7082 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7082 Pink Grapefruit 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7082 Tropical 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7082/F7083 Orange 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7083 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-18 27-Mar-17
ID F7083/F7085/F7086 Orange 30-Jun-18 28-Mar-17
ID F7086 Tropical 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7086 Orange 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7086 Pink Grapefruit 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7086 Pineapple 30-Jun-18 28-Mar-17
ID F7086/F7087 Apple 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7087 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-18 29-Mar-17
ID F7093 Pineapple 31-Jul-18 5-Apr-17
ID F7093 Tropical 31-Jul-18 5-Apr-17
ID F7093/F7094 Apple 31-Jul-18 5-Apr-17
ID F7094 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-18 6-Apr-17
ID F7094 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-18 5-Apr-17
ID F7094 Orange 31-Jul-18 5-Apr-17
ID F7094/F7095 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jul-18 6-Apr-17
ID F7099/F7100 Apple 31-Jul-18 11-Apr-17
ID F7100 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jul-18 12-Apr-17
ID F7100 Orange 31-Jul-18 12-Apr-17
ID F7100/F7101 Tropical 31-Jul-18 12-Apr-17
ID F7101 Pineapple 31-Jul-18 13-Apr-17
ID F7101 Tropical 31-Jul-18 13-Apr-17
ID F7101 & F7102 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-18 13-Apr-17
ID F7102 Orange 31-Jul-18 18-Apr-17
ID F7102 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-18 18-Apr-17
ID F7114 Apple 31-Jul-18 26-Apr-17
ID F7114 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-18 25-Apr-17
ID F7114/F7115 Orange 31-Jul-18 27-Apr-17
ID F7115/F7116 Blackcurrant 31-Jul-18 27-Apr-17
ID F7122 Tropical 31-Aug-18 4-May-17
ID F7122 Orange 31-Aug-18 4-May-17
ID F7122/F7123 Pink Grapefruit 31-Aug-18 4-May-17
ID F7123 Pineapple 31-Aug-18 5-May-17
ID F7123 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 5-May-17
ID F7123 Apple 31-Aug-18 4-May-17
ID F7123/F7124 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-18 5-May-17
ID F7129 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 11-May-17
ID F7129 Orange 31-Aug-18 11-May-17
ID F7131/F7132 Tropical 31-Aug-18 15-May-17
ID F7137/F7138 Pineapple 31-Aug-18 19-May-17
ID F7138 Tropical 31-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID F7138/F7139 Apple 31-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID F7139 Pink Grapefruit 31-Aug-18 22-May-17
ID F7139/F7142 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 23-May-17
ID F7142 Tropical 31-Aug-18 24-May-17
ID F7142/F7143 Orange 31-Aug-18 24-May-17
ID F7143 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 25-May-17
ID F7143 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-18 24-May-17
ID F7150 Tropical 31-Aug-18 1-Jun-17
ID F7150 Orange 31-Aug-18 1-Jun-17
ID F7150 Lemon & Lime 31-Aug-18 31-May-17
ID F7150/F7151 Blackcurrant 31-Aug-18 1-Jun-17
ID F7151 Pineapple 31-Aug-18 1-Jun-17
ID F7151 Pink Grapefruit 31-Aug-18 1-Jun-17
ID F7156 Apple 30-Sep-18 7-Jun-17
ID F7157 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-18 7-Jun-17
ID F7157/F7158 Orange 30-Sep-18 8-Jun-17
ID F7158 Tropical 30-Sep-18 9-Jun-17
ID F7158 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-18 8-Jun-17
ID F7158 Pineapple 30-Sep-18 9-Jun-17
ID F7158/F7159 Pink Grapefruit 30-Sep-18 9-Jun-17
ID F7163 Apple 30-Sep-18 14-Jun-17
ID F7163 Tropical 30-Sep-18 14-Jun-17
ID F7163 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-18 14-Jun-17
ID F7163 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-18 13-Jun-17
ID F7163 Orange 30-Sep-18 13-Jun-17
ID F7168/F7170 Blackcurrant 30-Sep-18 21-Jun-17
ID F7170 Apple 30-Sep-18 21-Jun-17
ID F7170/F7171 Lemon & Lime 30-Sep-18 21-Jun-17
ID F7171 Orange 30-Sep-18 22-Jun-17
ID F7172 Tropical 30-Sep-18 22-Jun-17
ID F7178 Tropical 30-Sep-18 29-Jun-17
ID F7178/F7179 Orange 30-Sep-18 29-Jun-17
ID F7179 Pink Grapefruit 30-Sep-18 29-Jun-17
ID F7180 Pineapple 30-Sep-18 3-Jul-17
ID F7187 Orange 31-Oct-18 10-Jul-17
ID F7191 Pink Grapefruit 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7191/F7192 Pineapple 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7192 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-18 13-Jul-17
ID F7192 Apple 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7192 Blackcurrant 31-Oct-18 12-Jul-17
ID F7192/F7193 Orange 31-Oct-18 13-Jul-17
ID F7200 Tropical 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7200/F7201 Blackcurrant 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7201 Apple 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7201 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-18 21-Jul-17
ID F7201/F7202 Orange 31-Oct-18 24-Jul-17
ID F7204/F7205 Blackcurrant 31-Oct-18 25-Jul-17
ID F7205 Pineapple 31-Oct-18 26-Jul-17
ID F7205 Orange 31-Oct-18 26-Jul-17
ID F7205 Pink Grapefruit 31-Oct-18 25-Jul-17
ID F7208 Lemon & Lime 31-Oct-18 31-Jul-17
ID F7213/F7214 Orange 30-Nov-18 3-Aug-17
ID F7214 Apple 30-Nov-18 4-Aug-17
ID F7214 Pink Grapefruit 30-Nov-18 4-Aug-17
ID F7214 Blackcurrant 30-Nov-18 3-Aug-17
ID F7214/F7215 Tropical 30-Nov-18 4-Aug-17
ID F7215/F7216 Blackcurrant 30-Nov-18 8-Aug-17
ID F7222 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-18 14-Aug-17
ID F7222/F7223 Orange 30-Nov-18 14-Aug-17
ID F7226 Tropical 30-Nov-18 16-Aug-17
ID F7226 Blackcurrant 30-Nov-18 16-Aug-17
ID F7226 Pink Grapefruit 30-Nov-18 15-Aug-17
ID F7226 Pineapple 30-Nov-18 15-Aug-17
ID F7227 Apple 30-Nov-18 17-Aug-17
ID F7233/F7234 Lemon & Lime 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7234 Orange 30-Nov-18 24-Aug-17
ID F7234 Apple 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7234 Pineapple 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7234 Pink Grapefruit 30-Nov-18 23-Aug-17
ID F7235 Tropical 30-Nov-18 25-Aug-17
ID F7248 Blackcurrant 31-Dec-18 7-Sep-17
ID F7248/F7249 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-18 7-Sep-17
ID F7249 Pineapple 31-Dec-18 8-Sep-17
ID F7249 Pink Grapefruit 31-Dec-18 8-Sep-17
ID F7249 Orange 31-Dec-18 8-Sep-17
ID F7254 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-18 13-Sep-17
ID F7254 Tropical 31-Dec-18 13-Sep-17
ID F7254/F7255 Blackcurrant 31-Dec-18 13-Sep-17
ID F7255 Pineapple 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7255 Orange 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7255/F7256 Cherry 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7256 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 14-Sep-17
ID F7262 Orange 31-Dec-18 20-Sep-17
ID F7268/F7269 Blackcurrant 31-Dec-18 27-Sep-17
ID F7269 Orange 31-Dec-18 28-Sep-17
ID F7269/F7270 Tropical 31-Dec-18 28-Sep-17
ID F7270 Lemon & Lime 31-Dec-18 28-Sep-17
ID F7270/F7271 Pink Grapefruit 31-Dec-18 29-Sep-17
ID F7271 Apple 31-Dec-18 2-Oct-17
ID F7271 Pineapple 31-Dec-18 29-Sep-17
ID F7271/F7272 Cherry 31-Dec-18 2-Oct-17
ID F7272 Chocolate 31-Dec-18 2-Oct-17
ID F7276 Orange 31-Jan-19 5-Oct-17
ID F7281/F7282 Apple 31-Jan-19 10-Oct-17
ID F7282 Tropical 31-Jan-19 11-Oct-17
ID F7282 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-19 10-Oct-17
ID F7282/F7283 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-19 11-Oct-17
ID F7283 Orange 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7283 Pineapple 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7283 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7284 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7284 Cherry 31-Jan-19 12-Oct-17
ID F7286 Apple 31-Jan-19 16-Oct-17
ID F7296 Lemon & Lime 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7296/F7297 Blackcurrant 31-Jan-19 25-Oct-17
ID F7297 Pink Grapefruit 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7297 Apple 31-Jan-19 25-Oct-17
ID F7297/F7298 Cherry 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7298 Tropical 31-Jan-19 27-Oct-17
ID F7298 Chocolate 31-Jan-19 26-Oct-17
ID F7298/F7299 Orange 31-Jan-19 27-Oct-17
ID F7299 Pineapple 31-Jan-19 27-Oct-17
ID F7306 Tropical 28-Feb-19 3-Nov-17
ID F7306/F7307 Blackcurrant 28-Feb-19 6-Nov-17
ID F7307/F7309/F7310 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-19 7-Nov-17
ID F7311/F7312 Orange 28-Feb-19 10-Nov-17
ID F7312 Apple 28-Feb-19 10-Nov-17
ID F7313 Pink Grapefruit 28-Feb-19 13-Nov-17
ID F7313 Pineapple 28-Feb-19 13-Nov-17
ID F7313 Tropical 28-Feb-19 10-Nov-17
ID F7316/F7317/F7318 Orange 28-Feb-19 14-Nov-17
ID F7318/F7319 Tropical 28-Feb-19 16-Nov-17
ID F7319 Blackcurrant 28-Feb-19 17-Nov-17
ID F7319/F7320 Apple 28-Feb-19 17-Nov-17
ID F7320 Lemon & Lime 28-Feb-19 20-Nov-17
ID F7324 Chocolate 28-Feb-19 22-Nov-17
ID F7324 Cherry 28-Feb-19 22-Nov-17
ID F7338/F7339 Orange 31-Mar-19 6-Dec-17
ID F7339 Tropical 31-Mar-19 7-Dec-17
ID F7339/F7340 Pineapple 31-Mar-19 7-Dec-17
ID F7340 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 7-Dec-17
ID F7340 Pink Grapefruit 31-Mar-19 7-Dec-17
ID F7340/F7341 Blackcurrant 31-Mar-19 8-Dec-17
ID F7348/F7349 Apple 31-Mar-19 18-Dec-17
ID F7349 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 18-Dec-17
ID F7352 Apple 31-Mar-19 20-Dec-17
ID F7352/F7353 Lemon & Lime 31-Mar-19 20-Dec-17
ID F7353 Tropical 31-Mar-19 20-Dec-17
ID F7353/F7354 Orange 31-Mar-19 22-Dec-17
ID F7353/F7354 Blackcurrant 31-Mar-19 21-Dec-17
ID F7354 Cherry 31-Mar-19 22-Dec-17
ID F7354/F7355 Chocolate 31-Mar-19 22-Dec-17
ID F8014/F8015 Pink Grapefruit 30-Apr-19 16-Jan-18
ID F8015 Orange 30-Apr-19 17-Jan-18
ID F8015/F8016 Apple 30-Apr-19 17-Jan-18
ID F8016 Tropical 30-Apr-19 18-Jan-18
ID F8016/F8017 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-19 18-Jan-18
ID F8017 Chocolate 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8017 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8017/F8018 Cherry 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8018 Pineapple 30-Apr-19 19-Jan-18
ID F8029/F8030 Orange 30-Apr-19 31-Jan-18
ID F8030 Lemon & Lime 30-Apr-19 1-Feb-18
ID F8030/F8031 Blackcurrant 30-Apr-19 2-Feb-18
ID F8039 Pink Grapefruit 31-May-19 12-Feb-18
ID F8039/F8040 Pineapple 31-May-19 12-Feb-18
ID F8042/F8043/F8044 Apple 31-May-19 15-Feb-18
ID F8044/F8045/F8046 Tropical 31-May-19 16-Feb-18
ID F8049/F8050/F8051 Orange 31-May-19 21-Feb-18
ID F8051 Lemon & Lime 31-May-19 22-Feb-18
ID F8051/F8052 Orange 31-May-19 22-Feb-18
ID F8052 Cherry 31-May-19 23-Feb-18
ID F8052/F8053 Chocolate 31-May-19 23-Feb-18
ID F8056/F8057 Orange 31-May-19 27-Feb-18
ID F8057/F8058 Blackcurrant 31-May-19 28-Feb-18
ID F8058 Lemon & Lime 31-May-19 28-Feb-18
ID F8070/F8071 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-19 14-Mar-18
ID F8071/F8072 Orange 30-Jun-19 15-Mar-18
ID F8072/F8073 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-19 16-Mar-18
ID F8073/F8074 Apple 30-Jun-19 19-Mar-18
ID F8074/F8075 Pink Grapefruit 30-Jun-19 19-Mar-18
ID F8075 Pineapple 30-Jun-19 19-Mar-18
ID F8079/F8080 Tropical 30-Jun-19 23-Mar-18
ID F8080/F8081 Lemon & Lime 30-Jun-19 23-Mar-18
ID F8081 Cherry 30-Jun-19 26-Mar-18
ID F8081/F8082 Chocolate 30-Jun-19 26-Mar-18
ID F8084/F8085/F8086 Orange 30-Jun-19 28-Mar-18
ID F8086/F8087 Blackcurrant 30-Jun-19 29-Mar-18
ID F8087 Apple 30-Jun-19 29-Mar-18
ID F8087/F8088 Apple 30-Jun-19 3-Apr-18
ID F8098/F8099 Lemon & Lime 31-Jul-19 10-Apr-18
ID F8099/F8100 Orange 31-Jul-19 12-Apr-18